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How to Treat & Manage Hand Burns

hand burns

Accidents happen.  Have you ever been cooking on the stove and burned your hand?  Hand burns definitely hurt and make you want to jump up and down screaming.  Even though hand burns represent a small wound area (the palm of the hand comprises only one percent of the body surface[…]

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Surprising Dog Health Benefits for You

dog health benefits

There are a multitude of reasons dogs are called humans’ best friends.  When you come home after a long, stressful day to a wagging tail the immediate sense of happiness and calm you feel is incredible.  Dogs are funny, uplifting, loyal companions, and seem to understand us in a way[…]

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4 Tips for a Healthy Back

healthy back

We put our backs through much more than they’re supposed to endure. We sit at work for 8 hours a day without breaks, we lift heavy things (like our kids) more often than we should, and we don’t always practice great posture. How are you supposed to maintain a healthy[…]

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