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3 Times You Need a Wrist Brace

wrist brace

A wrist brace can do wonders for the health of your hands and wrists. And it’s not just for injuries – a wrist brace can be used to help prevent injury, irritation, or pain during many common activities. Some of these activities include sports, working out, and even work. How[…]

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4 Tips for Fast Wrist Pain Relief

wrist pain relief

Do you dread typing, tying your shoes, twisting a doorknob, or high-fiving someone? You might be suffering from wrist pain! You might not realize how much you use your wrists on any given day until one (or both of them) is injured. It completely stops you in your tracks and[…]

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Hand Hurts From Typing? This Could Be the Cause

hand hurts from typing

There are a lot of jobs in the world where risk and danger is imminent. It’s possible that you never thought your desk job would have any potential health risks (aside from eating too many chips out of the vending machine). However, if you sit at your desk typing all[…]

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Improve Your Mobility With These Range of Motion Exercises

range of motion exercises

Range of Motion Exercises, or ROM exercises, are important movement patterns designed to regain mobility in a joint such as the shoulder, knee, wrist or fingers. Regularly moving your joints can help reduce pain, keep your joints flexible, and improve strength and balance. These exercises can also be designed for[…]

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