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What to Expect When Facing Carpal Tunnel Surgery

carpal tunnel surgery

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, depending on the severity, your doctor might recommend surgery. Surgery – it’s a scary word and you may not know exactly what it means for you. If you find yourself facing the option of carpal tunnel surgery, here are some things you can expect.[…]

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Trigger Finger: Here’s What You Can Do About It

trigger finger

Do you think you might be experiencing trigger finger? Are you not sure? Here we break down some facts about what this condition is, its causes, symptoms, and its potential treatments. This condition, also known as stenosing tenosynovitis, occurs when inflammation narrows the space in the sheath that surrounds the[…]

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7 Hand Stretches to Ease Stiffness

hand stretches

Pain and stiffness in your hands can be annoying. Even if it’s nothing significant, it can be enough to interfere with your daily tasks. With stiff hands, it’s difficult to turn a key, type on the computer or open a jar. You never really realize how many different and necessary[…]

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