Hands of the World

hands of the world

Hands of the world.  They tell the story of our lives.  The work, the play, creativity, adventure and the life people have lived. They can tell you a great deal about a person—about their personality, experiences, health and more. Each hand has its own unique pattern and features.  Here are[…]

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What Your Hands Say About You

what your hands say about you

Your hands.  We all use them constantly, from the moment we wake up until settling in bed for the night, our hands are always doing something for us. But have you ever wondered what your hands say about you?  From the shape of your hands, to your palm lines, each[…]

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What Being Left-Handed Says About You


Are you a lefty?  A southpaw?  If so you’re in luck—this blog post is just for you!  Left-handers make up 10 percent of the population. There is science that proves that left-handed people use their brain differently and have some predominant personality traits that right-handed folks do not. Here are[…]

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